How I went from unemployed divorced mom to full-time in 12 weeks and created a growing company. 

Before I began this journey of helping other people create and run their own successful cleaning companies, I was a newly divorced mom of 2 that needed a job. 

Having been out of the workforce for over 9 years hurt my search.  But I kept at it, looking for almost three years.

And still couldn’t find full time work.  Life got a little frantic.

I got to cleaning…

I figured I could always mow lawns, or babysit, or walk dogs, or clean houses.

Life doesn’t always hand us a job when we need it, or the right job for that matter.  But when push comes to shove, often in life we need to make our own job, decide our own path and I decided I’d rather clean than any of those other things.

With the application of three simple things (good quality, trust, and dependability) I was able to get a full client roster in 12 weeks.  Then I needed to either tell new clients “no”, or hire help.

Then I got to hiring…

Between January 2015 and January 2019 my company has grown to 8 full time cleaners and a full time office manager.

My company’s growth is steady, manageable, and most importantly repeatable.  In focusing on my employees as the single most important factor to our success, my clients are happy and keep referring us.

I realized that building my own successful cleaning company was a way to also help others do the same.

Folks all over the place are in the same position that I was.  For whatever reason (divorce, bad economy, special schedule needs), tons of people are having the same idea to start their own cleaning company.

But it’s not as easy as it may seem to properly create and run a cleaning business.  I wrote a workbook on how others can:

> Properly start a legal legitimate business

> Get more than enough clients to fill the schedule

> Find and create great employees

All this is possible – without having to spend upwards of $5,000 or more on a program.  

Are you ready to make a SERIOUS step towards creating a successful cleaning company you love?

It’s not about being willing to do the work – you’re here, so I know you’re willing!


Just by visiting here you’re willing and ready to make some real gains in your business.  You can do it alone – I did, and others have.  But what if you could avoid mistakes I know I made and not waste money in certain ways like I did…boy that would be fabulous!  

Stand Alone Workbook

This step-by-step guide to creating full time income cleaning professionally will help you do everything from get set up properly to how to clean to how to hire employees.

It is the basis of the fully-loaded Cleaning Up online course, and a great economic alternative.

Premium Online Course

Online program that expands the workbook and goes in-depth with even more step-by-step assistance.Comes with closed private Facebook group with weekly LIVE Q&A.

(The premium online course will be available in February 2019)

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