I use and recommend the Full Focus Planner system for all my students and, well, everyone really! It’s been one of the best tools to help achieve my goals and keep my squirrels in check (dang that ADHD!!). The main components are:


IDEAL WEEK Weeks can be designed to facilitate success. Creating an Ideal Week provides a template to aspire to and creates a sense of grounding. I recorded TWO videos about my process – this one and this one that shows how I put my ideal week and my tasks/activities into my daily pages each week (PASSWORD to view videos is “FFP”) of how I am experimenting with and implementing my ideal week. You can even download the PDF of images from my video.




I have tried out the standard planner, the coil planner, and the “portfolio” planner and like that one the best so far. Click here to check out the portfolio style, and click here to see all the other varieties and sizes from pocket to letter-size!

For more about the entire Full Focus Planner system, check out the fabulous info Michael Hyatt & Co have on their website!! If there is a topic above that does not have a link to PDF or video, hold on it’s coming soon!

PLEASE NOTE: I am a Certified Pro with the Full Focus Planner system created by Michael Hyatt & Co. Images and MH&Co logos/branding are used with permission. Also, I earn a 10% commission on purchases made through my links here.