Cleaning Up! Company Track Enrollment

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Creating your own “American Dream” shouldn’t be limited to only a few with higher education and deep financial pockets.  Even without these, you can build your dream life!  By joining Cleaning Up, you’ve already taken the first step to start and grow your own cleaning business, skip over expensive growing pains, and living your personal American Dream!

With this tailored program you will gain the tools to start, grow and transform your cleaning business and your life.  You’ll be part of a community that provides incredible personal support and encouragement and resource that alone would be difficult to acquire.  You’ll connect with a coach that has been exactly where you are and will challenge you to grow.  And you’ll experience a quarterly deep dive that will motivate you to make foundational improvements with a super-sized impact for years to come.

You can absolutely build and live your personal American Dream to lead a wonderful, meaningful life at work and home.  We’re very excited to show you how!

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Cleaning Up! Company Track Course

This course covers the following:

Foundational Principles

  • Module 1: Foundation for your successful company
  • Module 2: Getting organized gets you going
  • Module 3: Preparing to hire employees

Foundational Skills

  • Module 4: Employee Hiring and onboarding process
  • Module 5: Employee Training System
  • Module 6: Ongoing logistics of managing a company

Behind the Scenes

  • Module 7: Mindsets of a successful employer
  • Module 8: Marketing and good accounting procedures
  • Module 9: Employee issues and solutions

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