Cleaning Up! Solo Track Enrollment

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The Cleaning Up! Solo Course has been designed to help entrepreneurs like you create a sustainable cleaning business that is personalized according to your needs, the type of income you want to make, and the clientele you want to work with. Throughout your course journey, you will be provided rich content to help you design and deliver a winning business plan and strategy, step-by-step instructions that will help you implement the foundation necessary for your success, and learning activities that will offer weekly support and feedback. At the end of this course, you will have already taken the first steps of launching your cleaning business!

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Cleaning Up! Solo Track Course

This course covers the following:

Foundational Principles

  • Module 1: Introduction & How to Use the Program
  • Module 2: Laying Your Foundation for Success
  • Module 3: Focusing on Legitimacy Earns Trust

Foundational Practice Skills

  • Module 4: How to Clean (Yes, Really!)
  • Module 5: Online Reviews that Get You Clients
  • Module 6: Pricing & Estimates

Behind the Scenes

  • Module 7: Mindsets to Ensure Success
  • Module 8: Marketing & Scheduling
  • Module 9: Accounting for it All